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Topologie 8.0mm Wrist Strap Black Lattice

€ 30,00 (including VAT 21%)
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Product code TP-WST-W08-BKL-00
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Topologie 8.0mm Wrist Strap Black Lattice. Topologie, Made by ROCK Cllimber. Topologie symbolizes climbers' passion for endless expeditionsto the most remote crags and mountains of our planet. We bring the authentic climber spirit into each product and emphasize the quest for inner balance and self exploration. Shop Topologie tassen en straps in onze streetwear store te Gouda of in onze webshop Boomboxx.nl 

  • Topologie 8.0mm Wrist Strap Black Lattice

  • Topologie 8.0mm Wrist Strap Black Lattice
  • TP-WST-W08-BKL-00
  • Kleur: Black Lattice



    • 8mm width to offer comfort with heavy load

    • Quick release swivel carabiner

    • Durable and abrasion-resistant sheath


    • Cord: 8mm polyester rope
    • Length: 40.5cm
    • Max load: 35kg
    *Not for climbing

    *Please note that Topologie Ltd. is not liable for any damage to the human body, clothing, smartphone, data, etc., or loss due to falling when this product is installed or used. Topologie Ltd. does not guarantee 100% protection for your smartphone. Scratches may occur from particles that can get inside the case. Handle with care and at your own risk.



Topologie Wares Sytem; Topologie Wares System features over 60 interchangeable straps evolved from authentic climbing ropes and gear, alongside
bags and cases with thoughtful design and considered compartments. Create unique combinations in your own style. At Boomboxx Store you will find a great collections of Straps and Bags that you can Combine as you like. Visit the Boomboxx Store in Gouda or there Webshop. 


Topologie Rope Straps



Topologie 8.0mm Wrist Strap Black Lattice. Inheriting our minimalist aesthetic, Wrist Strap is a collection of versatile ropes that double as shoulder straps.Compatible with all bags and phone cases in our Ware System.



It all started with a climbing rope
Carlos Granon, a rock-climbing enthusiast and the founder of Topologie, created the brand to symbolize his passion for endless expeditions to the most remote crags and mountains of our planet. Topologie brings the authentic climber spirit into each product and emphasizes the quest for inner balance and self exploration.

Topologie sees beauty in the perfect harmony of form and function inherent in climbing gear. It all started with the idea that a climbing rope and
a pulley could be miniaturized to create a bracelet; the result was stunning and we put a name to it: The Yosemite Bracelet.

Emboldened by this initial success, we explored the aesthetics of climbing bags and imagined how they could be adapted for our urban adventures.
This led to the design of out first collection: the iconic Chalk Bag, the Rope Bag, the Multi-Pitch Bag, and the Haul Bag.

This led to the our products, we remind users to push themselves to their limits every day with courage and a sense of exploration. Even when their
adventures are in the city.



In rock climbing, every item is a perfect blend of form and function. Every item serves the purpose it was made for. Every item is the exact solution for a specific situation. There's no room for error, no room for fuss. No millimetre is wasted.

Topologie is guided by these unique design principles to create precise and beautiful objects for urban explorers.

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