Tokyo Dreams by Coen Gooijer

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Tokyo Dreams by Coen Gooijer
Goudse fotograaf Coen Gooijer leefde een tijd in Tokyo, waar hij ging nam hij zijn fotocamera mee om de meest vette straat fotografie te maken van het leven in TOKYO. Deze foto's zijn gebundeld in een pocket formaat boekje en is exclsuief bij Boomboxx verkrijgbaar. Tokoy Dreams is zowel Online als InStore verkrijgbaar. Boomboxx vond het weer eens tijd worden om een Goudse samenwerking aan te gaan en dit keer met Fotograaf Coen Gooijer. 
Tokyo Dreams; De stad, de mensen en de sfeer waarbij de meeste foto's onbewerkt in dit kleine meesterwerkje zijn begeplaatst. 
Boek: Tokyo Dreams by Coen Gooijer
Afmeting Format: 21 × 15 cm
Aantal Pagina's: 88
Features: Black & White, soft cover.
Language: Universal ;)
Over het boek / About this book

As some of you might know, I lived in Tokyo for a little while. While I was there I did lots of streetphotography, capturing the many faces of Tokyo.

I set my camera to my preferred settings in black & white, and went out without knowing what kind of pictures I would end up with, almost accidentally taking pictures. I would just walk and shoot for hours until my batteries were dead. Some days certain situations presented themselves to me, and if I was lucky I could quickly capture them nicely without interfering. If not, I could wait until it happened again, since people are quite predictable.

I tried to stay as invisible as possible (which was quite difficult since I stand out in Tokyo) to capture people without them noticing, which they usually didn’t. If they did notice, they usually didn’t care and kept doing whatever they were doing. I would just lightly smile and nod my head.

After tons of iterations and testprints, “Tokyo Dreams” is now completed. Tokyo Dreams contains many sides of Tokyo, so get ready for drunk people, hard workers, fashion and even rats. Most of the pictures in the book are unedited and came straight out of the camera. Check out @rawfiles.jpg for my Tokyo Streetphotography account.

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