The Art and Life of Chaz Bojórquez

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Boek: The art and life of Chaz Bojorquez
Afmeting Format: 28 × 25 cm
Aantal Pagina's: 193
Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound,
Language: English
ISBN: 978-88-6208-121-4
Over het boek / About this book

"THE ART AND LIFE OF CHAZ BOJÒRQUEZ’ is an impressive publication documenting 40 years of an exciting and very personal artistic journey that reveals a deep love for the beauty of handwriting. The book is divided into three chapters; with introductory texts by Greg Escalante, Francois Chastanet and the editors, followed by an interview with Chaz Bojórquez and text contribution by Japanese artist Usugrow before leading into the main body dedicated to the artist’s work.

Since he was a young child growing up in northeast LA, the Mexican style, West Coast Cholo graffiti of his neighborhood with its language of defining territory, culture and identity had a profound effect on Charles ‘Chaz’ Bojórquez. He was attracted to the magic and mystery surrounding the culture and the aesthetic. By 1969 he started tagging and created his now legendary character ‘Senor Suerte’, a stylised skull inspired by Mexican folklore and cult of the Holy Death.

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